The Aria Industries Group

Le Groupe Aria Industries

Aria Industries

Major player in the metallurgy market

Aria Industries is a French industrial group specializing in metallurgy and a major player in the European hydraulic cylinder market. The group employs 700 people across its four French production sites:

  • SAHGEV, a leader in the design and manufacture of hydraulic cylinders, founded in 1981 in Gevigney-et-Mercey (Haute-Saône) by Jean-Luc Quivogne;
  • Sograydis, a machining specialist, acquired in 2005 and based in Gevigney-et-Mercey;
  • SAH Leduc, a recognized designer and manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders in Les Touches (Loire-Atlantique), acquired in 2021. In 2015, Aria Industries, then known as Aria Finances, also created a SAHGEV commercial office in Germany.
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Our mission ?

Around the world, contribute to the safety of women and men through technical, qualitative, and innovative solutions that preserve our environment.


Become the European leader in hydraulic cylinder

Thanks to its strategic geographical position, recognized and certified know-how, as well as its high-performance technical platform, the Aria Industries group attracts customers from all sectors of activity:

  • Agriculture & agribusiness;
  • Construction & public works;
  • Transportation • Environment & eco-industry
  • Material handling
  • Industry
  • Army 60% of its production is exported to Europe, America or Asia. Driven by values of respect, teamwork, innovation, commitment, agility and courage, the
  • Aria Industries group presents a strong ambition: to become the European leader in the hydraulic cylinder market.
Aria Industries
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