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Société d'Applications Hydrauliques Leduc

SAH Leduc

Who are we?

Founded in 1945 by entrepreneur Bernard Leduc, the Société d'Applications Hydrauliques Leduc is located in Les Touches, 30 kilometers north of Nantes (Loire-Atlantique). SAH Leduc specializes in the custom design and manufacturing of single-acting, double-acting, and telescopic hydraulic cylinders. Its customers are the largest European manufacturers in their respective fields: agriculture, construction, environment, industrial handling, etc.

Since 2021, SAH Leduc has been a member of French Fab, a community of French industrial companies and economic actors committed to developing the French industry. As a job creator, our company innovates to make its know-how even more attractive and virtuous, through growth, ecological, and digital initiatives.


Bernard Leduc, an industrialist from Loire-Atlantique, creates the Hydraulic Applications Company (SAH) Leduc in the town of Les Touches.



Joël Leduc, Bernard's successor as president of SAH Leduc, creates the production site in Ligné, 5 kilometers from Les Touches.


SAH Leduc receives the "Productique" award from the Prime Minister, in recognition of its innovation policy.



The company receives its first ISO 9001 certification for quality management.


The company obtains its first ISO 14001 certification, attesting to the quality of its environmental management.



SAH Leduc is acquired by the Aria Finance group (now known as Aria Industries), owner of the companies SAHGEV and SOGRAYDIS.

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SAH Leduc
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